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1 [Minireview] Antibiofilm agents: A new perspective for antimicrobial strategy Xi-Hui Li and Joon-Hee Lee* vol.55,No.10,2017 753–766
2 Rhodoferax koreense sp. nov, an obligately aerobic bacterium within the family Comamonadaceae, and emended description of the genus Rhodoferax Mohamed El-Agamy Farh1, Yeon-Ju Kim2*, Priyanka Singh2, Sun Young Jung2, Jong-Pyo Kang2, and Deok-Chun Yang1,2* vol.55,No.10,2017 767–774
3 A novel methanotroph in the genus Methylomonas that contains a distinct clade of soluble methane monooxygenase Ngoc-Loi Nguyen1, Woon-Jong Yu1, Hye-Young Yang1, Jong-Geol Kim1, Man-Young Jung2, Soo-Je Park3, Seong-Woon Roh4, and Sung-Keun Rhee1* vol.55,No.10,2017 775–782
4 Silencing the cleavage factor CFIm25 as a new strategy to control Entamoeba histolytica parasite Juan David Ospina-Villa1, Nancy Guillén2, Cesar Lopez-Camarillo3, Jacqueline Soto-Sanchez1, Esther Ramirez-Moreno1, Raul Garcia-Vazquez1, Carlos A. Castañon-Sanchez4, Abigail Betanzos5, and Laurence A. Marchat1* vol.55,No.10,2017 783–791
5 Construction of a genetic linkage map and QTL mapping of agronomic traits in Auricularia auricula-judae Li-Xin Lu1, Fang-Jie Yao1,2*, Peng Wang1, Ming Fang2, You-Min Zhang2*, Wei-Tong Zhang1, Xiang-Hui Kong1, and Jia Lu2 vol.55,No.10,2017 792-799
6 Mutation of the cyclic di-GMP phosphodiesterase gene in Burkholderia lata SK875 attenuates virulence and enhances biofilm formation Hae-In Jung1, Yun-Jung Kim1, Yun-Jung Lee1, Hee-Soo Lee2, Jung-Kee Lee3, and Soo-Ki Kim1* vol.55,No.10,2017 800-808
7 The response of human bacteria to static magnetic field and radiofrequency electromagnetic field David P. E. Crabtree1, Brandon J. Herrera2, and Sanghoon Kang1* vol.55,No.10,2017 809-815
8 Gly184 of the Escherichia coli cAMP receptor protein provides optimal context for both DNA binding and RNA polymerase interaction Matt N. Hicks1, Sanjiva Gunasekara1, Jose Serate2, Jin Park3, Pegah Mosharaf1, Yue Zhou1, Jin-Won Lee4, and Hwan Youn1* vol.55,No.10,2017 816-822
9 Heterologous prime-boost immunization with live SPY1 and DnaJ protein of Streptococcus pneumoniae induces strong Th1 and Th17 cellular immune responses in mice Yulan Qiu, Xuemei Zhang, Xinyuan Zhang, Yunjun Mo, Xiaoyu Sun, Jichao Wang, Yibing Yin, and Wenchun Xu* vol.55,No.10,2017 823-829
10 The synthetic human beta-defensin-3 C15 peptide exhibits antimicrobial activity against Streptococcus mutans, both alone and in combination with dental disinfectants Ki Bum Ahn1,2, A Reum Kim1, Kee-Yeon Kum3, Cheol-Heui Yun4, and Seung Hyun Han5* vol.55,No.10,2017 830-836