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1 [MINIREVIEW] Modulation of gut microbiome in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: pro-, pre-, syn-, and antibiotics Min Seok Cho1, Sang Yeol Kim2, Ki Tae Suk2*, and Byung-Yong Kim1* vol.56,No.12,2018 855–867
2 Zunongwangia flava sp. nov., belonging to the family Flavobacteriaceae, isolated from Salicornia europaea Eui-Sang Cho1, In-Tae Cha2, Hak-Jong Choi2, Seong Woon Roh2, Young-Do Nam3, Sung Man Seo4*, and Myung-Ji Seo1,5* vol.56,No.12,2018 868–873
3 Paenibacillus seodonensis sp. nov., isolated from a plant of the genus Campanula Myung-Suk Kang1, Ki-Eun Lee2, Eun-Young Lee2, and Soo-Je Park3* vol.56,No.12,2018 874–879
4 Salicibibacter kimchii gen. nov., sp. nov., a moderately halophilic and alkalitolerant bacterium in the family Bacillaceae, isolated from kimchi Ja-Young Jang1, Young Joon Oh1, Seul Ki Lim1, Hyo Kyeong Park1, Changsu Lee1, Joon Yong Kim2, Mi-Ai Lee1, and Hak-Jong Choi1* vol.56,No.12,2018 880–885
5 Comparative analysis of the gut microbiota in distinct statin response patients in East China Baoqing Sun, Luming Li, and Xinfu Zhou* vol.56,No.12,2018 886–892
6 Characterization of the velvet regulators in Aspergillus flavus Tae-Jin Eom1, Heungyun Moon2, Jae-Hyuk Yu2,3*, and Hee-Soo Park1* vol.56,No.12,2018 893–901
7 Antibiofilm effect of biofilm-dispersing agents on clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with various biofilm structures Soo-Kyoung Kim, Xi-Hui Li, Hyeon-Ji Hwang, and Joon-Hee Lee* vol.56,No.12,2018 902–909
8 Water-based extracts of Zizania latifolia inhibit Staphylococcus aureus infection through the induction of human beta-defensin 2 expression in HaCaT cells Bo Yeon Kang1, Seung-Su Lee2, Myun-Ho Bang2, Hyoik Jeon1, Hangeun Kim2*, and Dae Kyun Chung1,2* vol.56,No.12,2018 910–916
9 Characterization of a Salmonella Enteritidis bacteriophage showing broad lytic activity against Gram-negative enteric bacteria Shukho Kim1, Sung-Hun Kim2, Marzia Rahman1, and Jungmin Kim1* vol.56,No.12,2018 917–925
10 Prevalence of human Norovirus by genotype in contaminated groundwater in Korea over the last decade (2007–2016) Siwon Lee, Junhyeong Jang, Kyungseon Bae, Wonseok Lee, Hyenmi Chung, and Sangjung Park* vol.56,No.12,2018 926–931