No Title Author Volume Page
1 [MINIREVIEW] Alanine dehydrogenases in mycobacteria Ji-A Jeong and Jeong-Il Oh* vol.57,No.2,2019 81–92
2 [PROTOCOL] Determination of protein phosphorylation by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis Chang-Ro Lee1*, Young-Ha Park2, Huitae Min2, Yeon-Ran Kim2, and Yeong-Jae Seok2,3* vol.57,No.2,2019 93–100
3 Blue-Red LED wavelength shifting strategy for enhancing beta-carotene production from halotolerant microalga, Dunaliella salina Sang-Il Han1, Sok Kim1, Changsu Lee2, and Yoon-E Choi1* vol.57,No.2,2019 101–106
4 Paraburkholderia dokdonella sp. nov., isolated from a plant from the genus Campanula Man-Young Jung1, Myung-Suk Kang2, Ki-Eun Lee3, Eun-Young Lee3, and Soo-Je Park4* vol.57,No.2,2019 107–112
5 Rotavirus-mediated alteration of gut microbiota and its correlation with physiological characteristics in neonatal calves Ja-Young Jang1, Suhee Kim2, Min-Sung Kwon1, Jieun Lee1, Do-Hyeon Yu3, Ru-Hui Song4, Hak-Jong Choi1, and Jinho Park4* vol.57,No.2,2019 113–121
6 Chryseolinea soli sp. nov., isolated from soil Shin Ae Lee, Yiseul Kim, Mee-Kyung Sang, Jaekyeong Song, Soon-Wo Kwon, and Hang-Yeon Weon* vol.57,No.2,2019 122–126
7 Transcriptome analysis of differential gene expression in Dichomitus squalens during interspecific mycelial interactions and the potential link with laccase induction Zixuan Zhong, Nannan Li, Binghui He, Yasuo Igarashi, and Feng Luo* vol.57,No.2,2019 127–137
8 Oxygen-mediated growth enhancement of an obligate anaerobic archaeon Thermococcus onnurineus NA1 Seong Hyuk Lee1, Hwan Youn2, Sung Gyun Kang1,3*, and Hyun Sook Lee1,3* vol.57,No.2,2019 138–142
9 Competition/antagonism associations of biofilm formation among Staphylococcus epidermidis Agr groups I, II, and III Sergio Martínez-García1, César I. Ortiz-García1, Marisa Cruz-Aguilar2, Juan Carlos Zenteno2, José Martin Murrieta-Coxca3, Sonia Mayra Pérez-Tapia4, Sandra Rodríguez-Martínez3, Mario E. Cancino-Diaz3, and Juan C. Cancino-Diaz1* vol.57,No.2,2019 143–153
10 Gentic overexpression increases production of hypocrellin A in Shiraia bambusicola S4201 Dan Li, Ning Zhao, Bing-Jing Guo, Xi Lin, Shuang-Lin Chen, and Shu-Zhen Yan* vol.57,No.2,2019 154–162
11 Efficacy of A/H1N1/2009 split inactivated influenza A vaccine (GC1115) in mice and ferrets Hae Jung Han1,2, Min-Suk Song1, Su-Jin Park1, Han Yeul Byun2, Norbert John C. Robles1, Suk-Hoon Ha2, and Young Ki Choi1* vol.57,No.2,2019 163–169
12 Lytic KFS-SE2 phage as a novel bio-receptor for Salmonella Enteritidis detection In Young Choi1, Cheonghoon Lee2,3, Won Keun Song1, Sung Jae Jang2, and Mi-Kyung Park1,4* vol.57,No.2,2019 170–179