No Title Author Volume Page
1 Shigellosis Swapan Kumar Niyogi vol.43,No.2,2005 133-143
2 Archaeal Diversity in Tidal Flat Sediment as Revealed by 16S rDNA Analysis Bong-Soo Kim1, Huyn-Myung Oh1, Hojeong Kang2, and Jongsik Chun1,* vol.43,No.2,2005 144-151
3 Sphingopyxis granuli sp. nov., a [beta]-Glucosidase-Producing Bacterium in the Family Sphingomonadaceae in [alpha]-4 Subclass of the Proteobacteria Myung Kyum Kim1, Wan-Taek Im1, Hiroyuki Ohta2, Myungjin Lee1,3, and Sung-Taik Lee1,* vol.43,No.2,2005 152-157
4 The Taxonomy of Psilocybe fagicola-complex Gaston Guzman1,*, James Q. Jacobs2, Florencia Ramiez-Guillen1, Dulce Murrieta1, and Etelvina Gandara1 vol.43,No.2,2005 158-165
5 Effects of Sulfate Concentration on the Anaerobic Dechlorination of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Estuarine Sediments Young-Cheol Cho1,* and Kyoung-Hee Oh2 vol.43,No.2,2005 166-171
6 Molecular Characterization of TEM-type [beta]-Lactamases Identified in Cold-Seep Sediments of Edison Seamount (South of Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea) Jae Seok Song1, Jeong Ho Jeon2, Jung Hun Lee1,2, Seok Hoon Jeong3, Byeong Chul Jeong1, Sang-Jin Kim2, Jung-Hyun Lee2,*, and Sang Hee Lee1,* vol.43,No.2,2005 172-178
7 Enhancement of Gene Delivery to Cancer Cells by a Retargeted Adenovirus Kwang Seok Oh1, Jeffrey A. Engler2, and Insil Joung1 vol.43,No.2,2005 179-182
8 Staphylococcus aureus Siderophore-Mediated Iron-Acquisition System Plays a Dominant and Essential Role in the Utilization of Transferrin-Bound Iron Ra-Young Park1, Hui-Yu Sun1, Mi-Hwa Choi1, Young-Hoon Bai2, and Sung-Heui Shin1,* vol.43,No.2,2005 183-190
9 Functional Characterization of the Gene Encoding UDP-glucose: Tetrahydrobiopterin [alpha]-Glucosyltransferase in Synechococcus sp. PCC 7942 En-Young Cha1, Jeong Soon Park1, Sireong Jeon1, Jin Seon Kong1, Yong Kee Choi1, Jee-Youn Ryu2, Youn-Il Park2, and Young Shik Park1,* vol.43,No.2,2005 191-195
10 Stabilities of Artificially Transconjugated Plasmids for the Bioremediation of Cocontaminated Sites Kyung Pyo Yoon* vol.43,No.2,2005 196-203
11 Identification of Non-mutans Streptococci Organisms in Dental Plaques Recovering on Mitis-Salivarius Bacitracin Agar Medium So Young Yoo1, Pyung Sik Kim2, Ho-Keel Hwang2, Seong-Hoon Lim3, Kwang-Won Kim3, Son-Jin Choe4, Byung-Moo Min5, and Joong-Ki Kook1,* vol.43,No.2,2005 204-208
12 Identification of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans Using Species-Specific 16S rDNA Primers Su-Gwan Kim1,3, Soo-Heung Kim1, Mi-Kwang Kim2, Hwa-Sook Kim2, and Joong-Ki Kook2,3,* vol.43,No.2,2005 209-212
13 Molecular Taxonomy of a Soil Actinomycete Isolate, KCCM10454 Showing Neuroprotective Activity by 16S rRNA and rpoB Gene Analysis Bong-Hee Lee2, Hong Kim1, Hyun-Ju Kim1, Yoon-Kyu Lim3, Kyung-Hee Byun2, Brian Hutchinson2, Chang-Jin Kim4, Young-Hwan Ko5, Keun-Hwa Lee6, Chang-Yong Cha1, Yoon-Hoh Kook1, and Bum-Joon Kim1,* vol.43,No.2,2005 213-218