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1 Molecular Identification of Fecal Pollution Sources in Water Supplies by Host-Specific Fecal DNA Markers and Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Profiles of 16S rRNA Gene Ju-Yong Jeong1,2, Kyung-Ik Gil3, Kyong-Hee Lee2, and Jong-Ok Ka1* vol.46,No.6,2008 599-607
2 Targeting the rpoB Gene Using Nested PCR-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism for Identification of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Hospital Tap Water Ji-Hyun Shin, Hae-Kyung Lee, Eun-Jin Cho, Jae-Yon Yu, and Yeon-Ho Kang* vol.46,No.6,2008 608-614
3 Monitoring Nutrient Impact on Bacterial Community Composition during Bioremediation of Anoxic PAH-Contaminated Sediment Myungsu Kim1, Seung Seob Bae2, Mijin Seol1, Jung-Hyun Lee2, and Young-Sook Oh1* vol.46,No.6,2008 615-623
4 Dark Septate Endophyte (DSE) Fungi Isolated from Metal Polluted Soils: Their Taxonomic Position, Tolerance, and Accumulation of Heavy Metals In Vitro Yujie Zhang1, Yan Zhang1, Maojun Liu1, Xiaodong Shi2, and Zhiwei Zhao1* vol.46,No.6,2008 624-632
5 Prevalence of Tetracycline Resistance Genes in Greek Seawater Habitats Theodora L. Nikolakopoulou, Eleni P. Giannoutsou, Adamandia A. Karabatsou, and Amalia D. Karagouni* vol.46,No.6,2008 633-640
6 Enhancement of Growth and Yield of Tomato by Rhodopseudomonas sp. under Greenhouse Conditions Kang-Hyeong Lee, Rae-Hyun Koh, and Hong-Gyu Song* vol.46,No.6,2008 641-646
7 Diversity of Bacterial Community in Freshwater of Woopo Wetland Keun Sik Baik1, Seong Chan Park1, Eun Mi Kim1,2, Kyung Sook Bae3, Jae-Hyung Ahn4, Jong-Ok Ka4, Jongsik Chun5, and Chi Nam Seong1* vol.46,No.6,2008 647-655
8 Biologically Active and C-Amidated HinnavinII-38-Asn Produced from a Trx Fusion Construct in Escherichia coli Chang Soo Kang1, Seung-Yeol Son2, and In Seok Bang1* vol.46,No.6,2008 656-661
9 Stable Expression and Secretion of Polyhydroxybutyrate Depolymerase of Paucimonas lemoignei in Escherichia coli Se Whan Park, Moon Gyu Chung, Hwa Young Lee, Jeong Yoon Kim, and Young Ha Rhee* vol.46,No.6,2008 662-669
10 Cys-92, Cys-95, and the C-Terminal 12 Residues of the Vibrio harveyi Ferric Uptake Regulator (Fur) are Functionally Inessential Kun Sun1, Shuang Cheng1, Min Zhang1,2, Fang Wang1,2, and Li Sun1* vol.46,No.6,2008 670-680
11 Genus-Specific Distribution and Pathovar-Specific Variation of the Glycinecin R Gene Homologs in Xanthomonas genomes Eunjung Roh1#, Sunggi Heu2, and Eunpyo Moon1* vol.46,No.6,2008 681-686
12 Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Carried a New Array of Gene Cassettes within Class 1 Integron Isolated from a Teaching Hospital in Nanjing, China Yuan Wu†, Hui Li†, Jun Li, and Zu Hu Huang* vol.46,No.6,2008 687-691
13 Carbon Source Dependent Dynamics of the Ccr4-Not Complex in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Joakim Norbeck vol.46,No.6,2008 692-696
14 Organization of Three rRNA (rrn) Operons from Sphingobium chungbukense DJ77 Sun-Mi Yeon1, Beom-Soon Choi2, and Young-Chang Kim1* vol.46,No.6,2008 697-703
15 Molecular and Phylogenetic Characterization of Spodoptera litura Granulovirus Yong Wang1, Jae Young Choi2, Jong Yul Roh1, Soo Dong Woo3, Byung Rae Jin4, and Yeon Ho Je1* vol.46,No.6,2008 704-708
16 Molecular Characterization of ORFs 2 to 7 of Korean Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (CA) and Its Protein Expression by Recombinant Baculoviruses Hyun Na Koo1, Jeong Mi Oh1, Jae Kyung Lee1, Jae Young Choi2,3, Kwang Sik Lee4, Jong Yul Roh2, Yeon Ho Je2, Byung Rae Jin4, Sung Sik Yoo5, Jae Su Kim6, Young In Kim6, In Joong Yoon5, and Soo Dong Woo1* vol.46,No.6,2008 709-719
17 Proteomic Analysis of Outer Membrane Proteins from Acinetobacter baumannii DU202 in Tetracycline Stress Condition Sung-Ho Yun1, Chi-Won Choi1, Soon-Ho Park1, Je Chul Lee2, Sun-Hee Leem3, Jong-Soon Choi1, Soohyun Kim1, and Seung Il Kim1* vol.46,No.6,2008 720-727
18 Enhancement of Immunotherapeutic Effects of HPV16E7 on Cervical Cancer by Fusion with CTLA4 Extracellular Region Yi Zheng, Yijuan Zhang, Jun Wan, Chaofan Shi, and Laiqiang Huang* vol.46,No.6,2008 728-736
19 Protective Effect of Polygoni Cuspidati Radix and Emodin on Vibrio vulnificus Cytotoxicity and Infection Jong Ro Kim1,2, Dool-Ri Oh1,2, Mi Hye Cha1,2, Byoung Sik Pyo1, Joon Haeng Rhee2,3,4, Hyon E. Choy2,4, Won Keun Oh5, and Young Ran Kim1,2* vol.46,No.6,2008 737-743
20 Inhibitory Effect of Methyl Gallate and Gallic Acid on Oral Bacteria Mi-Sun Kang1, Jong-Suk Oh1, In-Chol Kang2,3, Suk-Jin Hong3,4, and Choong-Ho Choi3,4* vol.46,No.6,2008 744-750