No Title Author Volume Page
1 MINIREVIEW] Microbial Leaching of Metals from Solid Industrial Wastes Debaraj Mishra1 and Young Ha Rhee2* vol.52,No.1,2014 1–7
2 Pb Tolerance and Bioaccumulation by the Mycelia of Flammulina velutipes in Artificial Enrichment Medium Changwei Zhu, Zhengpeng Li, Decai Li, and Yan Xin vol.52,No.1,2014 8–12
3 Molecular Characterization of the Alpha Subunit of Multicomponent Phenol Hydroxylase from 4-Chlorophenol-Degrading Pseudomonas sp. Strain PT3 Wael S. El-Sayed1,2, Mohamed K. Ibrahim2, and Salama A. Ouf1,3 vol.52,No.1,2014 13–19
4 Analysis of Bacterial Diversity in Sponges Collected from Chuuk and Kosrae Islands in Micronesia In-Hye Jeong1, Kyoung-Ho Kim2, Hyi-Seung Lee3, and Jin-Sook Park1* vol.52,No.1,2014 20–26
5 Analysis of the Abilities of Endophytic Bacteria Associated with Banana Tree Roots to Promote Plant Growth Leandro Fernandes Andrade, Gleika Larisse Oliveira Dorasio de Souza, Silvia Nietsche, Adelica Aparecida Xavier, Marcia Regina Costa, Acleide Maria Santos Cardoso, Marlon Cristian Toledo Pereira, and Débora Francine Gomes Silva Pereira vol.52,No.1,2014 27–34
6 Cloning and Functional Analysis of the Gβ Gene Mgb1 and the Gγ Gene Mgg1 in Monascus ruber Li Li1,2, Lu He1, Yong Lai1, Yanchun Shao1, and Fusheng Chen1,3* vol.52,No.1,2014 35–43
7 Optimization of Water Absorbing Exopolysaccharide Production on Local Cheap Substrates by Bacillus Strain CMG1403 Using One Variable at a Time Approach Muhammadi 1* and Muhammad Afzal2 vol.52,No.1,2014 44–52
8 Application of Statistical Experimental Design for Optimization of Silver Nanoparticles Biosynthesis by a Nanofactory Streptomyces viridochromogenes Noura El-Ahmady El-Naggar1* and Nayera A.M. Abdelwahed2 vol.52,No.1,2014 53–63
9 Cyclic Dipeptides from Lactic Acid Bacteria Inhibit the Proliferation of Pathogenic Fungi Min-Kyu Kwak1, Rui Liu1, Min-Kyu Kim1, Dohyun Moon2, Andrew HyoungJin Kim1, Sung-Hyun Song1, and Sa-Ouk Kang1* vol.52,No.1,2014 64–70
10 Proteomic Comparison between Salmonella Typhimurium and Salmonella Typhi Yue Wang1, Kuan-Yeh Huang2,3, and Yanan Huo4 vol.52,No.1,2014 71–76
11 Surface Display of the HPV L1 Capsid Protein by the Autotransporter Shigella IcsA Dan Xu1,2, Xiaofeng Yang3, Depu Wang1, Jun Yu2, and Yili Wang1* vol.52,No.1,2014 77–82
12 NOTE] Pedobacter soyangensis sp. nov., Isolated from Lake Soyang in Korea Yochan Joung1, Heeyoung Kang1, Haneul Kim1, Beom-Il Lee1, O-Seob Kwon2, and Kiseong Joh1* vol.52,No.1,2014 83–87