No Title Author Volume Page
1 EDITORIAL] Gut microbiomes and their metabolites shape human and animal health Woojun Park* vol.56,No.3,2018 151-153
2 REVIEW] Intestinal microbiota and the immune system in metabolic diseases Panida Sittipo1, Stefani Lobionda1, Yun Kyung Lee1*, and Craig L. Maynard2* vol.56,No.3,2018 154-162
3 REVIEW] Type 3 regulatory T cells at the interface of symbiosis Joo-Hong Park1,2* and Gérard Eberl1,2* vol.56,No.3,2018 163-171
4 REVIEW] Mind-altering with the gut: Modulation of the gut-brain axis with probiotics Namhee Kim, Misun Yun, Young Joon Oh, and Hak-Jong Choi* vol.56,No.3,2018 172–182
5 REVIEW] Targeting friend and foe: Emerging therapeutics in the age of gut microbiome and disease Jin Ah Cho1 and Daniel J.F. Chinnapen2,3,4* vol.56,No.3,2018 183–188
6 REVIEW] Current understanding of microbiota- and dietary-therapies for treating inflammatory bowel disease Taekil Eom1, Yong Sung Kim2, Chang Hwan Choi3, Michael J. Sadowsky4,5,6, and Tatsuya Unno1,7* vol.56,No.3,2018 189–198
7 REVIEW] The Ruminococci: key symbionts of the gut ecosystem Alex J. La Reau and Garret Suen* vol.56,No.3,2018 199–208