No Title Author Volume Page
1 REVIEW] The Role of Type III Secretion System 2 in Vibrio parahaemolyticus Pathogenicity Hyeilin Ham and Kim Orth* vol.50,No.5,2012 719-725
2 Reliability of Non-Culturable Virus Monitoring by PCR-Based Detection Methods in Environmental Waters Containing Various Concentrations of Target RNA Eung Seo Koo, Chang-Hoon Yoo, Youjin Na, Soo Young Park, Hey Rhyoung Lyoo, and Yong Seok Jeong* vol.50,No.5,2012 726-734
3 Pyrosequencing Analysis of the Bacterial Communities in the Guts of Honey Bees Apis cerana and Apis mellifera in Korea Jae-Hyung Ahn, In-Pyo Hong, Jeung-Im Bok, Byung-Yong Kim, Jaekyeong Song, and Hang-Yeon Weon* vol.50,No.5,2012 735-745
4 Comparative Study of Olive Oil Mill Wastewater Treatment Using Free and Immobilized Coriolopsis polyzona and Pycnoporus coccineus Mohamed Neifar1, Atef Jaouani1*, María Jesús Martínez2, and Michel J. Penninckx3 vol.50,No.5,2012 746-753
5 Characterization of the Bacterial and Archaeal Communities in Rice Field Soils Subjected to Long-Term Fertilization Practices Jae-Hyung Ahn1, Jaekyeong Song1, Byung-Yong Kim1, Myung-Sook Kim2, Jae-Ho Joa3, and Hang-Yeon Weon1* vol.50,No.5,2012 754-765
6 PyroTrimmer: a Software with GUI for Pre-Processing 454 Amplicon Sequences Jeongsu Oh1,2, Byung Kwon Kim3, Wan-Sup Cho2, Soon Gyu Hong4, and Kyung Mo Kim1* vol.50,No.5,2012 766-769
7 Functional Characterization of the Genes tauO, tauK, and tauI in the Biosynthesis of Tautomycetin Fen Wang, Rixiang Kong, Bo Liu, Jing Zhao, Rongguo Qiu, and Li Tang* vol.50,No.5,2012 770-776
8 Identification and Characterization of an Autolysin Gene, atlA, from Streptococcus criceti Haruki Tamura*, Arisa Yamada, and Hirohisa Kato vol.50,No.5,2012 777-784
9 Genome-Wide Enrichment Screening Reveals Multiple Targets and Resistance Genes for Triclosan in Escherichia coli Byung Jo Yu1, Jung Ae Kim1, Hyun Mok Ju1, Soo-Kyung Choi1, Seung Jin Hwang2, Sungyoo Park2, EuiJoong Kim3, and Jae-Gu Pan1* vol.50,No.5,2012 785-791
10 Characterization of Thermostable Deblocking Aminopeptidases of Archaeon Thermococcus onnurineus NA1 by Proteomic and Biochemical Approaches Yeol Gyun Lee1, Sun-Hee Leem2, Young-Ho Chung1*, and Seung Il Kim1* vol.50,No.5,2012 792-797
11 Selection of a Streptomyces Strain Able to Produce Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes and Active against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Adriana Fróes*, Andrew Macrae, Juliana Rosa, Marcella Franco, Rodrigo Souza, Rosângela Soares, and Rosalie Coelho* vol.50,No.5,2012 798-806
12 In Vitro Development and Transfer of Resistance to Chlortetracycline in Bacillus subtilis Menghong Dai, Junjie Lu, Yulian Wang, Zhenli Liu, and Zonghui Yuan* vol.50,No.5,2012 807-812
13 The Production and Immunogenicity of Human Papillomavirus Type 58 Virus-like Particles Produced in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hye-Lim Kwag, Hyoung Jin Kim, Don Yong Chang, and Hong-Jin Kim* vol.50,No.5,2012 813-820
14 Establishment and Characterization of the Epithelioma Papulosum Cyprini (EPC) Cell Line Persistently Infected with Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus (IPNV), an Aquabirnavirus Hyoung Jun Kim1, Jae-Kwon Cho2, Hyung-Kyu Hwang2, Myung-Joo Oh3, and Toyohiko Nishizawa3* vol.50,No.5,2012 821-826
15 Possible Translocation of Periodontal Pathogens into the Lymph Nodes Draining the Oral Cavity G. Amodini Rajakaruna1,2, Makoto Umeda3, Keisuke Uchida4, Asuka Furukawa4, Bae Yuan4, Yoshimi Suzuki4, Ebe Noriko1, Yuichi Izumi1,2*, and Yoshinobu Eishi4 vol.50,No.5,2012 827-836
16 Intestinal Intraepithelial TCRγδ+ T Cells are Activated by Normal Commensal Bacteria Sang Phil Jeong, Jung-Ah Kang, and Sung-Gyoo Park* vol.50,No.5,2012 837-841
17 Antifungal Activity of Leuconostoc citreum and Weissella confusa in Rice Cakes Eunjong Baek1, Hyojin Kim1, Hyejung Choi2, Sun Yoon2, and Jeongho Kim1* vol.50,No.5,2012 842-848
18 NOTE] Antifungal Activity of Extracellular Hydrolases Produced by Autolysing Aspergillus nidulans Cultures Melinda Szilágyi1, Fruzsina Anton1, Katalin Forgács1, Jae-Hyuk Yu2, István Pócsi1, and Tamás Emri1* vol.50,No.5,2012 849-854
19 NOTE] Burkholderia denitrificans sp. nov., Isolated from the Soil of Dokdo Island, Korea Chang-Muk Lee Lee1, Hang-Yeon Weon2, Sang-Hong Yoon1, Soo-Jin Kim2, Bon-Sung Koo1, and Soon-Wo Kwon2* vol.50,No.5,2012 855-859
20 NOTE] Next-Generation Sequencing-Based Genome-Wide Mutation Analysis of L-Lysine-Producing Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 21300 Strain Chang-Soo Lee1, Jae-Young Nam1, Eun-Suk Son1, O-chul Kwon1, Woorijarang Han1, Jae-Yong Cho2, and Young-Jin Park1* vol.50,No.5,2012 860-863
21 NOTE] Caenimonas terrae sp. nov., Isolated from a Soil Sample in Korea, and Emended Description of the Genus Caenimonas Ryu et al. 2008 Soo-Jin Kim, Hang-Yeon Weon, Yi-Seul Kim, Ji Young Moon, Soon Ja Seok, Seung-Beom Hong, and Soon-Wo Kwon* vol.50,No.5,2012 864-868
22 NOTE] Envelope Diversity, Characteristics of V3 Region and Predicted Co-Receptor Usage of Human Immunodeficiency Viruses Infecting North Indians Raiees Andrabi1, Rajesh Kumar1, Manju Bala2, Ambili Nair1, Prakash SS1, Vandana Kushwaha1, and Kalpana Luthra1* vol.50,No.5,2012 869-873
23 NOTE] Construction and Characterisation of an Antifungal Recombinant Bacillus thuringiensis with an Expanded Host Spectrum Qin Liu1, Jong Yul Roh2, Yong Wang3, Jae Young Choi1, Xue Ying Tao1, Jae Su Kim4, and Yeon Ho Je1,5* vol.50,No.5,2012 874-877
24 NOTE] Regulatory Characteristics of the Vibrio vulnificus rtxHCA Operon Encoding a MARTX Toxin Jinseo Park, Seung Min Kim, Hee Gon Jeong, and Sang Ho Choi* vol.50,No.5,2012 878-881
25 NOTE] Identification of Chaperones in Freeze Tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mahendran Chinnamara Naicker, I Seul Jo, and Hana Im* vol.50,No.5,2012 882-887
26 NOTE] Winogradskyella jejuensis sp. nov., a Marine Bacterium Isolated from a Brown Alga Carpopeltis affinis Ji-Young Kim and Duck-Chul Oh* vol.50,No.5,2012 888-892
27 Erratum] Phycicoccus ochangensis sp. nov., Isolated from Soil of a Potato Cultivation Field Hyangmi Kim1,2, Hyun-Woo Oh3, Doo-Sang Park1, Kang Hyun Lee1, Sung Uk Kim3, Hee-Moon Park2, and Kyung Sook Bae Bae1* vol.50,No.5,2012 893