No Title Author Volume Page
1 REVIEW] Recent Findings about the Yersinia enterocolitica Phage Shock Protein Response Saori Yamaguchi and Andrew J. Darwin* vol.50,No.1,2012 1-7
2 Stratified Distribution of Nutrients and Extremophile Biota within Freshwater Ice Covering the Surface of Lake Baikal Nina A. Bondarenko1*, Olga I. Belykh1, Ludmila P. Golobokova1, Olga V. Artemyeva1, Natalia F. Logacheva1, Irina V. Tikhonova1, Irina A. Lipko1, Tatyana Ya. Kostornova1, Valentina V. Parfenova1, Tamara V. Khodzher2, and Young-Gun Zo3 vol.50,No.1,2012 8-16
3 Effects of Phosphate Addition on Biofilm Bacterial Communities and Water Quality in Annular Reactors Equipped with Stainless Steel and Ductile Cast Iron Pipes Hyun-Jung Jang1,2, Young-June Choi1, Hee-Myong Ro2, and Jong-Ok Ka2,3* vol.50,No.1,2012 17-28
4 Host Species as a Strong Determinant of the Intestinal Microbiota of Fish Larvae Xuemei Li1,2, Yuhe Yu1*, Weisong Feng1, Qingyun Yan1, and Yingchun Gong1 vol.50,No.1,2012 29-37
5 Gram-positive Rhizobacterium Bacillus amyloliquefaciens FZB42 Colonizes Three Types of Plants in Different Patterns Ben Fan1,2*, Rainer Borriss2, Wilfrid Bleiss3, and Xiaoqin Wu1 vol.50,No.1,2012 38-44
6 Growth Promotion of Xanthium italicum by Application of Rhizobacterial Isolates of Bacillus aryabhattai in Microcosm Soil Sol Lee1, Jong-Ok Ka2, and Hong-Gyu Song1* vol.50,No.1,2012 45-49
7 Diversity and Physiological Properties of Root Endophytic Actinobacteria in Native Herbaceous Plants of Korea Tae-Ui Kim1, Sung-Heun Cho1, Ji-Hye Han1, Young Min Shin1, Hyang Burm Lee2, and Seung Bum Kim1* vol.50,No.1,2012 50-57
8 Microflora Profiling of Infected Root Canal before and after Treatment Using Culture-Independent Methods Yasuhiro Ito1,2, Takuichi Sato2*, Keiko Yamaki1, Gen Mayanagi1, Kazuhiro Hashimoto1, Hidetoshi Shimauchi1, and Nobuhiro Takahashi2 vol.50,No.1,2012 58-62
9 Phenotypic and Phylogenetic Analysis of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Forage Crops and Grasses in the Tibetan Plateau Huili Pang1, Zhongfang Tan1, Guangyong Qin1, Yanping Wang1, Zongwei Li1, Qingsheng Jin2, and Yimin Cai3* vol.50,No.1,2012 63-71
10 Purification and Characterization of a Novel Laccase from the Edible Mushroom Hericium coralloides Ya-Jie Zou1, He-Xiang Wang2, Tzi-Bun Ng3, Chen-Yang Huang1, and Jin-Xia Zhang1* vol.50,No.1,2012 72-78
11 The PseEF Efflux System Is a Virulence Factor of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae Hyosun Cho1 and Hyojeung Kang2* vol.50,No.1,2012 79-90
12 Effects of a Dark-Septate Endophytic Isolate LBF-2 on the Medicinal Plant Lycium barbarum L. Hai-han Zhang1, Ming Tang2*, Hui Chen2, and Ya-jun Wang3 vol.50,No.1,2012 91-96
13 Heat- and Cold-Shock Responses in Fusarium graminearum 3 Acetyl- and 15 Acetyl-Deoxynivalenol Chemotypes Vladimir Vujanovic*, Yit Kheng Goh, and Prasad Daida vol.50,No.1,2012 97-102
14 Chitinase Production by Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus licheniformis: Their Potential in Antifungal Biocontrol Eman Zakaria Gomaa vol.50,No.1,2012 103-111
15 Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cmr1 Protein Preferentially Binds to UV-Damaged DNA In Vitro Do-Hee Choi, Sung-Hun Kwon, Joon-Ho Kim, and Sung-Ho Bae* vol.50,No.1,2012 112-118
16 A Selected Probiotic Strain of Lactobacillus fermentum CM33 Isolated from Breast-Fed Infants as a Potential Source of β-Galactosidase for Prebiotic Oligosaccharide Synthesis Wattana Sriphannam1, Saisamorn Lumyong2, Piyanuch Niumsap3, Hisashi Ashida4, Kenji Yamamoto5, and Chartchai Khanongnuch1* vol.50,No.1,2012 119-126
17 Application of Multilocus Sequence Analysis (MLSA) for Accurate Identification of Legionella spp. Isolated from Municipal Fountains in Chengdu, China, Based on 16S rRNA, mip, and rpoB Genes Wang Guan1, Ying Xu1,2, Da-li Chen1, Jia-nan Xu1, Yu Tian1, and Jian-ping Chen1,3* vol.50,No.1,2012 127-136
18 Effect of Lactobacillus reuteri on the Proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis Mi-Sun Kang1, Jong-Suk Oh1, Seok-Woo Lee2,3, Hoi-Soon Lim3, Nam-Ki Choi2,4, and Seon-Mi Kim2,4* vol.50,No.1,2012 137-142
19 Effects of Nicotine on the Growth and Protein Expression of Porphyromonas gingivalis Orson Baek1, Weidong Zhu2, Hyeong C. Kim Kim1, and Seok-Woo Lee Lee3,4* vol.50,No.1,2012 143-148
20 Neutralization Potential of the Plasma of HIV-1 Infected Indian Patients in the Context of Anti-V3 Antibody Content and Antiretroviral Theraphy Alok Kumar Choudhary1, Raiees Andrabi1, Somi Sankaran Prakash1, Rajesh Kumar1, Shubhasree Dutta Choudhury Choudhury1, Naveet Wig2, Ashutosh Biswas2, Anjali Hazarika3, and Kalpana Luthra1* vol.50,No.1,2012 149-154
21 Acinetobacter baumannii Outer Membrane Protein A Modulates the Biogenesis of Outer Membrane Vesicles Dong Chan Moon1, Chul Hee Choi1, Jung Hwa Lee1, Chi-Won Choi2, Hye-Yeon Kim3, Jeong Soon Park3, Seung Il Kim2*, and Je Chul Lee1* vol.50,No.1,2012 155-160
22 NOTE] Leucobacter denitrificans sp. nov., Isolated from Cow Dung Hang-Yeon Weon1, Rangasamy Anandham2, Tomohiko Tamura3, Moriyuki Hamada3, Soo-Jin Kim1, Yi-Seul Kim1, Ken-ichiro Suzuki3, and Soon-Wo Kwon1* vol.50,No.1,2012 161-165
23 NOTE] Comparison of the Genetic Structures Surrounding qnrA1 in Korean Enterobacter cloacae and Chinese Escherichia coli Strains Isolated in the Early 2000s: Evidence for qnrA Mobilization via Inc HI2 Type Plasmid Sang Hoon Han1, Young Ah Kim2, Minggui Wang3, Yangsoon Lee4, Hae-Sun Chung4, Jong Hwa Yum5, Dongeun Yong4*, Kyungwon Lee4, and June Myung Kim1 vol.50,No.1,2012 166-169
24 NOTE] Grimontia marina sp. nov., a Marine Bacterium Isolated from the Yellow Sea Ahyoung Choi1, Kyung-Mi Kim1, Ilnam Kang1, Seok-Hyun Youn2, Young-Sang Suh2, Yoon Lee2, and Jang-Cheon Cho1* vol.50,No.1,2012 170-174
25 NOTE] Involvement of Curli Fimbriae in the Biofilm Formation of Enterobacter cloacae Sung-Min Kim1,2, Hee-Woo Lee1,3, Yeh-Wan Choi1, Shuk-Ho Kim1, Je-Chul Lee1, Yoo-Chul Lee1, Sung-Yong Seol1, Dong-Taek Cho1, and Jungmin Kim1* vol.50,No.1,2012 175-178